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Default Password for TecomC4

What is the default password for TecomC4

When you launch the TecomC4 client, a splash screen is displayed. The login screen is
then displayed:

TecomC4 Login Page

Upon initial login, the language of the login screen is determined based on the regional
settings of the operating system. Upon subsequent login, the language of the login
screen is the same as the language of the operator who was last logged in. In the login
window, enter the appropriate information:

Sign in – the operator’s login name for the application.
Password – the operator’s password for the application.

In this login window you can also choose the following property for logging in to the

Remember – tick this checkbox for the system to remember your login data,
which will be filled in automatically in the login window the next time you run the
In the case of a new installation, the TecomC4 system has one standard predefined
operator account with the following login name/password:

Default TecomC4 Username and Password:

Login name: support
Password: support

For security reasons, the “support” operator will be prompted to change their password
after initial login. Upon entering the new password in the New password box, the
system checks its strength based on built-in security algorithms. The password is
considered strong enough when the coloured bar underneath the New password box
is filled and coloured green:

Change TecomC4 Password
Confirm the new password by entering it again and then click the OK button.