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How to create a Keyswitch on a Tecom Challenger

Keyswitch Challenger

What is an Alarm Keyswitch?

A zone attached to a momentary keyswitch will arm/disarm the panel if the zone is
momentarily shorted from a sealed condition.

How To Setup and Program A Keyswitch

In this guide, we will go through creating a key switch on a Tecom Challenger V8, V10 and Challenger Plus to add remote arming functionality for a control room or mobile app using a Permaconn or any other GPRS unit that has relay outputs such as a T4000, Direct Wireless etc.

Important: A free zone/input is required for a Key Switch

First, you will want to connect the GPRS unit to the key switch zone. This is done by following the image above.Once you have the zone wired in you need to program the system to arm / disarm using this zone.

Programming Zone 1 for keyswitch

  • Menu 4346 (Installer Code)
  • 19 Enter (Installer Menu)
  • 1 Enter (Input Menu)
  • Enter the input you want to use for a keyswitch eg 1 Enter
  • Enter through until you see Zone Type 
  • Change to Input Type 6 (6 – Area Control Input)
  • Assign an area that you want to arm, eg For Area 1 you would use Alarm Group 14
  • Enter through until you can 0 Exit
  • Press 0 Enter/Exit


Important: Open and Close reporting is required for mobile applications to display correct alarm state. EG. Armed / Disarmed

How Enable Open and Close Reporting Challenger V8


  • Menu 4346 (Installer Code)
  • 19 Enter ( Installer Menu)
  • 9 Enter ( Communications Menu)
  • Enter through until you find O/C Report – Enter your area in here. eg 1 Enter
  • Enter through until you can 0 Enter/Exit
  • Press 0 Enter/Exit

You can now test your keyswitch.

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