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Alula – Not Sending / Reporting Alarms

Alula Alarm System: Issues with Not Sending/Reporting Alarms


If you’re experiencing issues with your Alula alarm system not sending or reporting alarms, it can be a matter of concern. This article will guide you through the troubleshooting steps to ensure your Alula system functions correctly and your property remains secure.


Check Online Status

Firstly, confirm that your Alula device is online:

Log into your Alula account.

Navigate to the dashboard where you have an overview of your devices.

Locate the Online column. A green tick indicates that your device is connected and online.

Ensure Device is Enabled
Activation Check

An unchecked enabled status can prevent alarm reporting:

In the device overview, ensure the Enabled box is ticked.

A ticked box confirms the device is active and should report alarms.

Receiver Group Selection
Confirm Monitoring Centre Configuration

Setting up the correct receiver group is crucial for the alarms to be reported:

Go to the settings where you manage receiver groups.

Verify that you have selected a receiver group that corresponds with the correct monitoring center.

Account Number Configuration
Override Panel Account Number

The panel account number must match the one provided by your monitoring center:

Find the Override Panel Acct Number setting.

Enter the Central Station Acct. Number provided by your monitoring center to ensure proper reporting.

Important Notes on Alarm Reporting Delays
Understanding Event Reporting Delay

If your system sends open and close signals but not alarm activations, consider the following:

Event Reporting Delay: This delay can prevent immediate alarm reporting. Check if you have waited long enough to surpass the event reporting delay.

To inspect this, navigate to the Panel Settings tab.

The default setting is typically 30 seconds, but you can adjust it by sliding to the desired delay length.

Checking Alarm Report Delay for Zones

Under Peripherals, select Zones.

Choose a zone and look under Options for the Alarm Report Delay setting.

If this option is enabled, you have two choices:

Disable the alarm report delay.

Adjust the delay in the Panel Settings as per your requirement.


Ensuring your Alula alarm system is correctly configured to report alarms is essential for your safety and security. Follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to alarm reporting. If problems persist, please contact Alula support for further assistance.

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