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How to connect Integriti to Integriti Professional

Connecting to Integriti controller to Integriti Express or Professional Server.

If you don’t have DHCP enabled network you will need to assign a IP address manually.

For this example we are using the network range of

  • Press 01 OK (Installer code)
  • Press 7 (Installer Menu)
  • Press 3 ( Comms Menu)
  • Press 4 (NIC Menu)
  • Enter in your IP address eg.
  • Enter in your Subnet eg.
  • Enter in your Gateway eg.
  • Press Enter until you see Options D will have a Y assigned, press N – this disables DHCP
  • Press Enter and exit the menu.
  • You can now “Discover Controllers” on your Integriti Pro / Express server.
  • If the controller is already programmed with CS select “Prefer Controller Changes”


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