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Bosch Solution Fault Cheat Sheet

Bosch Solution keypad will generally display a triangle with an exclamation mark when a fault is present with your Solution panel.

How to Check Bosch Solution alarm fault

  1. Hold Down “5” Key

Holding down the 5 key will then display a number if a fault is present.

Solution Fault Codes

  1. LED 1 is Displayed – Battery Fault ( Battery needs charging or replacement.)
  2. LED 2 is Displayed – Time & Date ( The panel has lost all power and you need to set the time and date) To set time and date follow these steps.
  3. LED 3 is Displayed – Sensor Watch
  4. LED 4 is Displayed – Horn Speaker Fail ( Generally if you have an external siren these go faulty from being out in the weather. If you cant replace the siren you can install a resistor)
  5. LED 5 is Displayed – Telephone Line Fail ( If your alarm is setup to communicate back to base you will have a phone line connected. Your phone line has a fault or has been disconnected)
  6. LED 6 is Displayed – E2 Fuse ( Replace E2 Fuse) See location
  7. LED 7 is Displayed – Fuse Fail ( Replace fuse) See location
  8. LED 8 is Displayed – Communication Fail ( Alarm can not dial out due to communication fault)

Bosch Solution Keypad

Solution Battery Fault



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