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Bosch 6000 – How to setup a Keyswitch with Permaconn

Step by Step how-to guide on setting up a key switch zone to arm and disarm via Pocketsecure.

  1. Installer Code  – Menu (Enter Installer Mode )
  2. Menu 3-1-1
    Select option 13 (Key switch zone type).
  3. Menu 3-1-8
    Select option 3 (Inverted Seal) set to ‘Y’.
  4. Menu 3-4-1
    Select option 05 (Pulse all On/Off) .

Wire Output 1 from the permaconn to the zone on the Bosch 6000. Make sure you use either a 3k3 resistor or a 6k8 resistor if you are zone doubling.

Bosch 6000 Keyswitch


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